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So what does a wedding DJ do? 

Ever wonder what goes behind the scenes?

Hi! My name is Kyd and well where do I start....

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What Does a Wedding DJ do?

Well it's a bit complicated but I'm going to try to let you in on a secret. We don't just show up for your wedding and go home. In a perfect world A Wedding DJ is responsible for providing music and entertainment at a wedding event. This typically includes setting up which can be from one hour to six hours depending on setup and equipment etc..


Now in recent years the DJ is not only a DJ but a Audio technician they operate audio equipment, such as speakers and microphones, and play music during the Ceremony, Cocktail hour, and Reception.Overall they must be ready to handle anything and everything thrown at them, A speaker cable not working, a bad power cable or dead speaker. Troubleshooting is a must.


The wedding DJ may also be responsible for making announcements, such as introducing the Wedding party, Bride and Groom or announcing the First dance, Parent dances, Cake cutting and for facilitating any interactive activities, such as games or dancing contests. In addition to Emceeing they need to be a Wedding planner, and coordinate all this with the Photographer and Videographer.


Playing just music is so 90s, a wedding DJ may also offer services such as lighting design think Uplights and or Bristol lighting and Photo Booth. The specific duties of a Wedding DJ will vary depending on the individual DJ and the needs of the couple getting married.


Some of the specific tasks that a wedding DJ may perform include:


Meeting with the couple to discuss their music preferences and vision and the overall tone and atmosphere they want to create at their wedding.


Creating a playlist or selecting songs to play at the ceremony and reception that reflects the couple's tastes and accommodates any special requests even the Do Not Play List.


Setting up and operating audio equipment, including speakers, microphones, and lighting, testing everything and taping cables down etc.


During the Ceremony they are making sure the timing is correct to play the Processional and the Recessional songs. Double checking lapel mics and handheld mic for interference. 


For Cocktail hour they need to make sure the system is up and running and ready with the style of music the couple has chosen. 


The Reception aka Party, now to change hats and become the Emcee for the night along with being the DJ and introducing the Wedding party, Bride and Groom, 1st Dance and special announcements.


Now introductions have been made, time to switch hats and become the Wedding planner, keeping the wedding on schedule by making announcements and coordinating with other vendors.


MCing duties for the wedding reception, and keeping the event running smoothly during Dinner. While everyone is getting ready for dinner the DJ is making sure the microphones are ready for Toasts, now that's where the double hat comes into play. MC and Wedding coordinator, the DJ makes sure everyone knows what is going on so that your speeches and toasts are captured by the photographer and videographer. Announces toast and possibly the Cake cutting if couple choose to do so with the appropriate song.


Whew everything went smooth no Mic drop outs or interference. Now the DJ must get ready for Parent Dances and opening the dance floor. 


As you see in addition to just being a DJ, Emcee, Coordinator, they may also interact with guests to get them dancing and help create a festive atmosphere. Overall, the role of a wedding DJ is to ensure that the music and entertainment at the wedding are smooth, enjoyable, and memorable for the couple and their guests.

Now it's time for The Last song of the night, Sparkler Sendoff? Ending on a high note? or Slow Dance? This is also planned.


You may only see 5 or maybe 6 hours but behind the scenes we have spent countless hours to make sure your wedding is flawless.

So are we just Wedding Djs or are we, Wedding coordinators, Emcees, Audio technicians playing DJs?


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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