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We provide Boston DJ and VJ service in New England. From Maine to New Hampshire and Boston, as well as Cape Cod.


We are Bilingual Latin DJs and speak Spanglish, we listen to the same music and being Latino DJs we love to party.  We go the extra mile for you.


Thank you for taking the time to browse our website and getting to know me "Kyd" and my team. So feel free to call me Kyd.


My team and I, are the hottest Boston and Miami Latin DJs in New England and we pride ourselves on proving the best sound and lighting for your event.


When I began this company I wanted to have the best Latin / Bilingual Open format DJs around that shared the same vision as me, and throughout the years we have become a family. So no matter who is the DJ or MC we think alike and are always aware of what is next.



Photo Booth rental service

Photo Booth attendant & Assistant


Mat is our tech guy, photographer, assistant.  At a young age, I began to play around with photography. As computers became more popular, I began to learn about computers and how they operate. I have never been afraid to fix something if its broken and I take pride in my work knowing that everything runs smoothly. the last thing I want is for you to worry about a cable or printing error.



I heard an amazing sound, which influenced my life; a local radio station was playing a “Scratch sound” on the evening radio mix show. Falling in love with it immediately, I focused on Turntables. I began “scratching” my moms LP’s on our old home turntable continually breaking her needles. She was amazed by how quickly I was learning how to mix records.  On my 9th Birthday, I received two Turntables and a mixer. I was obsessed with DJing; it became my passion which I practiced every night after school. 


At 14, I began to hang out with local DJs and DJing parties and schools. I was the youngest, so they named me Kyd. Just shy of my 17th birthday, I began to DJ at Chicago’s teen nightclubs and became a resident DJ. Throughout the years I was a guest DJ at various nightclubs in Chicago, and was selected for the world known Pride Parade.


We will always remember September 11, 2001, and I was no different, I enlisted in the Army. During Active Duty I continued to keep up to date on the entertainment industry, even DJing when I could.  I was able to expand my knowledge of music from all around the world. 


My style and selection are unique, I mix House with Merengue, Bachata or even Banda. I can go from Rock to Bachata or Cumbia, it starts the moment I put on the headphones and go to work, letting my creativity come alive. By reading the guests, I know if its ok to do Live mashups and remixes. I try to keep everyone on the dance floor and having a good time. Because what's a party without dancing. 






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Are you looking for a professional Weddings & Events DJ for your event?  DJ KYD and Co has what it takes to deliver the right kind of tunes you and your guests will love.


Contact us to learn more about our musical styles, repertoire, rates, and available dates. I’ll be happy to assist you.

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