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boston photo booth

Boston 360  & Photo Booth

photo booth props


We are DJ Kyd & Co the team behind Sticker Photo Booth.

We got tired of the same Photobooth and wanted to create something different,

Something New, Something Exciting!

We love Stickers so why not

A Sticker Photo Booth.

That's when we decided to bring the Japan Craze to New England.

You still get Studio Quality prints but now with a Peelable Backing.


We have worked in the entertainment industry since 1997 and pride ourselves on providing exceptional service.


We strive to excel in all that we do, and be different, providing the perfect Sticker Photo Booth for your guests.


We love what we do and appreciate your business! 

boston photo booth

Sticker Booth

Because Stickers are more Fun!

Photo booths have become a must-have for weddings, birthdays, corporate events and holiday events.


We wanted to kick it up a notch, and we feel we did that with our Sticker Booth. We believe you will too with Larger Peelable 3x8 Sticker Strips.

boston photo booth

Capture the Fun & Preserve the memories 

with Stickers.

The best way to take home the memories is to capture them, save them, print them and now stick them; stick them anywhere. Let us capture the fun times of your event with our new Sticker Photo Booth. 


Our Sticker Photo Booth will keep your guests entertained all night and you may even end up taking more pictures.

boston photo booth

Great For Any Event


Product Launches, Grand Openings, Promotions, Retirements, Tours, Annual Parties (New Year’s, Christmas), Sponsorships, Trade shows.


Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Sweet Sixteens, Quinceaneras, Annual Celebrations (New Year’s, Halloween parties).


Our Sticker Printer is the life of the party; it prints two stickers or four stickers so that everyone in the Photo Booth can receive their own Sticker Photo Booth Strip.


Grab a Prop, Strike a Pose then grab your Sticker Strip, Peel it, and Stick it Anywhere.

And yes, unlimited means UNLIMITED!

Why because Stickers are so much fun!

boston photo booth



How do I get one?

To get your Sticker Booth give us a call or send us a txt msg at 617-800-9573


What are they made out of?

They are tough laminated photo paper with a sticker backing. The sticker backing is covered by a peelable paper which can be peeled off when you're ready to stick it where you would like.


What's the difference?

Traditional Photo Booth strips are 4x6 cut in half which gives you a 2x6 strip, and we carry those too. However, our Sticker Photo Booth Strip is 6x8 or 3x8 and it's Peelable! 


Do I have to use it as a Sticker?

No, just leave the paper on the back. When your ready to stick it somewhere just peel off the back.


Is it see through?

No, Our photobooth paper is thick and tough.


Where can I stick it too?

Anywhere! your laptop, helmet, book cover, fridge, skateboard, get creative and have fun. By the way, if you get air bubbles just use a credit card to remove them. 


How long does it take to print a Sticker photo strip?

Our printer can print and cut double prints or a 6x8 in 19 sec and a 4x6 in 11 sec. Our printer will print and cut two double prints all night long. 


What are Unlimited Prints?

Just that, Unlimited Double Prints. 


Kyd Productions Photo Booth

What's Included with a Sticker Photo Booth

Your Sticker Photo Booth includes:

A Friendly and Professional Booth attendant - 

We deliver, set up the booth 90 minutes prior to the start time of your event. We also assist you and your guests using the Sticker Photo Booth.  We can also print extra prints if you need them. 


Custom Branding on strips - Simply pick your favorite font and let us know what names, or logos you would like.



Custom Template Layouts for strips - we can design your Sticker Photo Booth Stip to match your theme


Professional Dye Sub Sticker Printer 

Sticker Memory Book

USB Filled with Images

Photo Booth Strip Kyd Productions
photo booth pointer

Professionalism. Excellence. Timeliness.

Open Air Photo Booth

Our OPen Air Photo Booth is great for 5 or event 10 of your closest friends  along with prints for everyone.

PVC Props

Ez Clean 

You can count on us to not only meet, but exceed all your needs when it comes to cleanliness.

DSLR Camera

What Sets Us Apart

While others resort to Ipads and Webcam for the Photo booth, we believe there is nothing like having a great quality camera. 

Sequin Backdrops

10 ft 

Our Sequin Backdrops are Fire retardant and can be from 5ft to 10ft. Draw on it and erase it every time



No Hidden Fees or Extras



We set everything up and take everything down — so you don't have to; all you have to do is have fun.

Camera Equipment DSLR

Professional DSLR Camera


Red Carpet Hollywood

Red Carpet 25ft with Red Velvet Rope 6 Gold Stanchions     $300

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