Dancing On The Clouds

boston latin dj dancing on the clouds

Dancing on 


Epic 1st Dance

Imagine Dancing on Cumulus Clouds. 

White, Puffy Clouds.

Dancing on the Clouds is thick white puffy clouds that hug the dance floor staying low to the Ground. Giving you the illusion of Dancing on Clouds. Your pictures will look stunning.

There is NO odor, and will not cause fire alarms to go off since the effect is made by Dry Ice and Hot water.


There is No residue left on the floor. Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide and when placed in hot water it changes the chemical reaction so fast it becomes carbon dioxide gas.



The Difference: Old vs New


Other Cloud systems like the Nimbus have to be heated for an hour, and can only be used 1 time and time can vary from 5-10 minutes of run time. Allowing you to do 1 Dance Only and wait for 30-45 min for a second dance.


The New System:

Can be used ALL Night, not just for the 1st Dance but can be used for parent dances or even the Grand Entrance.


Is this Fog? No, Traditional Fog machines dissipate fog and rise potentially setting off fire alarms, these are Dry ice effects and Water Based Systems.  


Add this Magical touch to your Wedding, Sweet 16, Quinceanera, Prom, Birthday etc by giving us a call: 617-800-9573 and get Dancing on a Cloud for your Wedding