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Boston Weddings are
Dancing On Clouds

1st Dance on the Clouds

Epic 1st Dance 

1st Dance on the Clouds

Dancing on the Clouds

Imagine Dancing on Cumulus Clouds. 

White, Puffy Clouds.

Dancing on the Clouds is a fun and exciting way to make your First Dance Memorable and perfect for the couples that want to get their guests excited and make an impression.


Your pictures will look stunning.

Rapper on Stage

The Old Smoke

Smoke sets the Alarms Off. 

Smell different depending on the solution added.

Chemical residue on floor

Rises to the Ceiling

Dancing on the clouds

The New

No Alarms setting Off

Dry Ice


Hugs Floor

Resulting in White Puffy Clouds giving you the illusion that you are Dancing on the Clouds



About The Setup


Other Cloud systems like the Nimbus have to be heated for an hour, and can only be used 1 time and time can vary from 5-10 minutes of run time. Allowing you to do 1 Dance Only and wait for 30-45 min for a second dance.


The New System:

Can be used more than one time, not just for the 1st Dance but can be used for parent dances or even the Grand Entrance.


Is this Fog? No, Traditional Fog machines dissipate fog and rise potentially setting off fire alarms, these are Dry ice effects and Water Based Systems.  

How much time do you need? We will need 45 min to bring the water to temperature. We setup it up while we setup for Entertainment or During your Ceremony if you are hiring us for Dancing on the Clouds.


Adding a "dancing on the clouds" effect to your wedding can add a dramatic and romantic touch to your reception. This effect is created by using a machine to produce a fine mist of fog that covers the dance floor, giving the appearance of dancing on clouds. The mist is typically made of purified water and is safe to breathe in.

Some people choose to add a dancing on the clouds effect to their wedding to create a dreamy and ethereal atmosphere during the reception. It can also be used to create a dramatic reveal when the bride and groom make their grand entrance onto the dance floor. Additionally, the mist can help to create a sense of intimacy and closeness between the couple as they dance together.

Overall, the dancing on the clouds effect can be a beautiful and memorable addition to any wedding reception. It's important to keep in mind, however, that this effect requires the use of specialized equipment and may not be suitable for all venues. It's a good idea to check with your venue and wedding planner to determine if this option is possible and to make the necessary arrangements.

Add this Magical touch to your Wedding, Sweet 16, Quinceanera, Prom, Birthday etc by giving us a call: 617-800-9573 and get Dancing on a Cloud for your Wedding

for as little as $500


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