Perfect Playlist

Our music library is immense with over 600,000 Songs and growing. If you heard it on the radio we have it, as a member of record pools we get our music the same time radio gets it.


All our music is organized by genre, and decade making it easy to pick all the songs you want. 


Need help finding out what songs to pick? No problem let us help you, that's what we do best.


We provide the Best DJ service for any event so call us or text us 617-800-9573

Radio Edit Songs

Not all events are the same and sometimes we want to hear a song that is Explicit sometimes we don't, but No worries. We always have the familiar radio versions (clean) of all your songs, and we can always clean it live.


We also carry dance remixes and can perform live remixes or mashups on the spot for songs that are a bit too slow. 

We play all the music that you love and want to hear, Period. We encourage you to visit and mark the songs that you want and don't forget to tell us your "DO NOT PLAY"


Want to play requests from your guests? No Problem. We can do it.


Music Playlist

To help you get started

1st Dance Songs
Cake Cutting Songs
Last Dance Songs
Garter Toss
Mother Son Dance
Father Daughter Dance
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