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SEO Nuggets by Kyd

Updated: Apr 18

SEO nuggets because why not.

When’s the last time you did a search for something through Siri, Amazon, or Google?

Do you remember what you asked for?

Mine was Hey Siri when was Lawless in theaters?

Now re-word that for your own business. Googles AI is a continuous learning algorithm that knows when you are trying to do something with keywords that are so 2000s.


Now let’s talk about Anchors.

Do you know what they are? Are you using them in the right way?

Do you know the difference between Anchors and links? Here is an example:

DJKydandco is the Best Latin Wedding DJ in New England and based out of Boston.

In that sentence, the word “DJKydandco” is the anchor text. By hovering our mouse over the anchor, we can rest assured knowing it links to the DJ Kyd and Co homepage and not a mysterious site.


Does your website in my case have internal links to other articles or topics? If not adding some will help you with back links.

Do you know a do follow link vs a donot follow link?

No-follow: Tells Google NOT to take the backlink into account when determining SEO for either page.

Do-follow: Tells Google to give credit to the page you’re linking to and take it into account when scanning your links.



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