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"Unveiling the Top 5 Wedding DJ Secrets for a Memorable Reception"

1. Place the DJ on the same level as your Reception. Having your DJ on a second balcony looking down is no good. It keeps the DJ away from interacting with guests, not to mention if there are important things that need to be said and done, he won't be able to tell.

2. Avoid having the Wedding planner put the DJ in the Corner... There is one exception, well not really... Why would you have the DJ away from the dance floor?

3. Music... have too many songs and some didn't make the cut? Add them to your Dinner set, this way you are in the same room and can enjoy them.

4. Lighting. Add Up-lights to your venue, from 12 to 40 we can add and bring the room to life. Tt really does help create a vibe along with Dance floor lighting.

5. Lastly, Have Fun... Yes, it's your night so have fun. So many forget to just relax and be in the moment.


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