• Kyd

The Best Wedding DJs and the Ugly Truth About Wedding Prices

Updated: May 16

So you found a DJ for $1000 is it a bad thing?

Well Yes and No.

The DJ you just found may have just started, most likely they are a high school or College student and or is looking to expand their bookings, and like anything fill up his calendar. 50% of something is way better than 100% of Nothing.

They have a low cost controller which can vary from $200 to $600 or they can be a couple thousands of dollars. As DJs we all started somewhere and most of us started in our bedroom thus the name Bedroom DJ. We go in debt pursuing our passion and practice and practice till our fingers are numb. Now does that mean we are ready for the real world of events? Some are and others take a bit longer to get comfortable

Now the iffy part..

  • Your DJ does this as a Hobby, here and there or for fun.

  • They may have no experience with weddings

  • They may be lacking MC skills and are looking to get better.