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Wedding Planning - Music

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

10 first dance songs

So now that you are planning a wedding you have to pick the right songs. 

Its allot of time and we are here to help. We have broken it down to the sections of a wedding to help you.


This music is instrumentals so that your guests have something to listen to while they find where to sit and wait for the ceremony to start.


This music accompanies your bridesmaids to walk down the aisle.

Bride's entrance.

Your time to SHINE. The traditional choices are "Here Comes the Bride,"By Richard Wagner and Pachelbel's Canon in D. You can have the newest song that you Love as instrumental. Some brides love "A Thousand Years" Part 2 by Christina Perri.


In other words your Big Exit, you can't go wrong with something upbeat. Remember a song that you loved to dance too? Pick a song that you love. Remember you just got MARRIED and the vows are done. Make it FUN. 

Cocktail Hour:

This is between the ceremony and reception. After the Big Exit, everyone heads over to the bar and gets to mingle. The music is sets the mood, think acoustics or covers of popular songs. The music should be low so your guests can talk. Remember you're not trying to get anyone to dance yet, and you don't want to put anyone to sleep either. 

Reception entrance:

Your Grand entrance into the reception room. You come in Last, after the wedding party.

It should be upbeat and fun.  You may want to introduce your wedding party first, so they are going to need a song to walk into.

The first dance:

Yes, That time has come and all Eyes are going to be on you. That 3 minute song that you picked is going to seem like forever. If you don't already have "your song," we have plenty of first dance song suggestions.

Father/daughter dance:

Traditionally, the father of the bride dances with his daughter on the dance floor.  

Don't have a song? We are here if you need some dance song ideas. 

Mother/Son dance:

Just like the Father dance, Mom dances with her son on the dance floor.

Don't have a song? We are here if you need some dance song ideas. 


If you make your cake-cutting a part of your wedding, pick out an upbeat song since it is usually a cute, sweet part of the evening. (Tip: that song you liked but didn't pick it, see if it would work.)

Reception music:

Now this is the Hard part. Don't just pick all, most, or some of the dance music. Give your DJ free rein, besides we have been doing weddings for years and we know how to read your guests. However, you may want to make a Do Not Play list — a list of songs that you really don't want to hear. You might not want to listen to a song because you don't like it.

For the songs you do want us to play, we have tons of music,  from Top 40 hits to 50's songs. We have over 250,000 songs.

Bouquet toss:

Its that time of night, "Single Ladies" by Beyonce is the typical song but you can pick another fun song. Remember its your Wedding.

Garter removal/toss:

So you decided to do it. So a perfect song would be "Mission Impossible Theme" or "Lets Get it on". For the toss the can be "Who let the dogs out", "Another one bites the dust" or "Big Pimping". Remember to make it fun.

Last Song:

So the end of the evening is here and everyone had a blast at your wedding. Some of our couples use "The Wanted's "Glad You Came", others use the song that was playing when they met. 

Now that you have an idea of what goes on Call us to learn what we can do for your Wedding. 617.800.9573

Need help finding songs head over our music page for some help.


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